durability and outdoor use

Have a system I’m building for a client in which I would like to replace an older parallel port interfaced board to a pc, with a usb connected arduino based one.
The question I have is, how durable are these boards, related to temperature and potentially some humidity. The machine it interfaces with is typically used in automotive shops, so it is basically an outdoor environment (with a roof over it). If I situate the board inside a much larger metal cabinet which should have some level of air flow through it, is this well within spec for this board to handle, or would this be pushing the limits? Thanks!

I might add that these machines may be located all over the US and potentially europe, so the temperature and humidity ranges could be wide. Here in texas, it is over 100F today :wink:

One guy on here, a farmer, interfaced his Arduino to his combine tractor, to control the hydraulic steering rams (via solenoid valves) from an in-cab PC (running various software including a GPS system), so that the Arduino would steer the combine based on data from the PC (which was gotten from custom software to keep the combine on track for the rows - basically he made a giant GPS guided robot tractor - if you can believe it, it was his first Arduino project!). The Arduino was mounted to a board inside a tupperware container, screwed onto the side tractor under a fender (under the cab). He managed to complete this project and ran it for harvesting, where it performed pretty much perfectly.

Ever since seeing that project, I have had no doubts about the durability of the Arduino. Maybe he got lucky, but I prefer to think that the Arduino can go just about anywhere and do just about anything.

Here's a link to the thread:



I still get a kick outta seeing it!