Dutch subforum

Would it be possible to create a Dutch forum for the Dutch speaking community?

Thanks in advance. EriSan500

+1 Good idea I'm for it

I think the downside of all those language sub fora will be that information gets 'hidden' in that particular language. What do you think that the benefit for the community will be?



not everyone speaks (writes in this case) english, not to mention the technical terms/measures/verbs/…

I speak about 5 languages, and i encounter many times “what’s the english word for …”. So it always helps if a user can ask questions in their mother/native language.

Just my 2c.


^ I agree. But I'm just a newb :)

First of all, i think we all are right. I don't want to get in a tug of war game. :)

not everyone speaks (writes in this case) english

Totally true. I rely a lot on the 'check spelling' future in firefox. Than won't do grammar though.

technical terms/measures/verbs/...

Personally i get most of the technical terms i use from datasheets or wikipedia. As i search for those in google not set for dutch language i get mostly english results. In a broader sense; When i search for information on the internet i think it is limiting if i search in dutch only. Matter of how many people speak dutch vs other languages. With that in mind i should learn mandarin chinese, hindi or at least spanish. :)

So it always helps if a user can ask questions in their mother/native language.

I will help, yes. With the disadvantage of 'hiding' information for non-dutch members.

I would have thought that english would not be a problem for most dutch people. Especially the techies.

Another 2 cents.


As I wrote in another post: I am "against" language-based subfora because of the reason Yot mentions. And not only do some wonderful solutions get hidden, but you are also limiting yourself to a far less large group of people.

If one continues with the language subfora its only use should be for people who cannot write english to find someone that can... And in all honesty: are there really Dutch people who cannot write their questions in English?


^ A lot less than the other way around I suppose.

Ok, Ok, Ok, got the message. I give up...but hey, I tried.

For me this topic is closed. :-X