Dynamic Memolry on board accessable from my program on laptop

I'm trying to build a program on my laptop that will be a controller for a DDS Signal generator. The DDS is connected to my Arduino board either UNO or Mega 2560. Once the sketch has been downloaded I need to get control of the USB port to be able to set and retrieve data from RAM areas on the Arduino board that my sketch will use to setup and control the DDS board.
The control panel on the laptop will get data entered via the keyboard which is immediately sent to the Arduino board and changes the operation of the DDS board. Also I should be able to read the data from the Arduino board that is received from the DDS Board.
Thanks in advance
Mel Pama

See Robin's updated Serial Input basics thread to get ideas for the Arduino side.

Next you can implement the PC side based on the code that you wrote for the Arduino. That can be done in a variety of languages. Robin also has a tutorial on using Python. And Power_Broker wrote a set of matching libraries, one for the Arduino side and one for the PC side; https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=582752.0

If you already have any code available for the Arduino side that communicates with the DDS, please post it.

As far as a program for the DDS, I have one in VB6.0 but I can’t find a copy of the dxocx.dll. Its a parallel driver that worked with the AD9854 evaluation board. The program is for the board apparently but I can’t get any answers out of AD Analog Devices because it is very old, 2003 or something like that. I installed VS2008 but when I tied to convert the code to VB2008 the conversion stopped because of this dll that it needed.

ziped files included

AD9854 Software.zip (89.5 KB)

So there is no guessing, is there a link to this DDS Signal Generator board you are referring to?

Also, what is the purpose of the Arduino?


Link to board: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AD9854-Signal-Generator-Module-High-Speed-DDS-Development-Board-Sine-Square-Wave/283797175200?epid=10009014894&hash=item4213a13ba0:g:62IAAOSwSQFaA8o7

The DDS is a board I got on eBay. It's Chinese and has no documentation with it. The only documentation there is consists of the 26 pin connector on the board and the list of actions for each pin. With a lot of messing around and I also wrote them and they did send me the board layout and a Schematic diagram from which I determined the remaining info I needed.

I'm using the Arduino as a go between for my laptop since the inputs to the board can be either serial or parallel but it's a 26 pin header on the DDS with 6 address bits and 8 data bits. I know how to do it using the parallel inputs no problem, but the serial inputs are such that you have to set up the address and then send the all of the bytes sequentially and they are loaded into buffers on the clock cycle which is 120MHz. The Arduino can't act that fast but with the parallel input the data bytes are loaded into the buffer all together when I write them to the buffer. Anyway I'm still mulling this stuff over, have been for a while, but I'm very close since there is a way to update the data into the registers from the buffers externally and I have control over this update clock so I can slow it down to Arduino's speed of 16MHz (Mega 2560). As I'm typing my brain is slowly getting the picture of how I can do this either way serial or parallel. Any way if you need any of the data I mentioned I can make a zip file and send it to you. The board is only 40+ dollars, takes about 20 days shipping from China usually free shipping.

I'd be glad to help with this maybe I can learn from you too.

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