E dictionary using Arduino

Hi I am trying to build a electronic dictionary using Arduino Uno and SD card module In code I am using 4 2-D array of rows 1000 and col 128 (char Cr(1000)(128)) I am getting error saying that array size is too large. I tried storing that code in progmem but that doesn't work out. Pls tel me da solution it's my project work and I have to submit by 20 of dis month :

There is no solution to holding such a large array unless you want to solder on some extra paged memory. You would be better off redesigning how you think it should work and use an SD card.

The Arduino UNO does not have 128000 bytes of FLASH. You will have to store your data on some external memory like an SD card. The good news is that even a small SD card has many time the storage you need so you can add lots of indexing information.

What are you putting in your 1000x128 array?