E-Ink display - using an old ebook reader's display

Hi, I see someone else wanted to try this last year, but didn't find a good solution. My googling around didn't come up with anything promising for the Arduino. Just wondering if anything has come up recently to drive a 6-year old ebook reader. It's the typical 6" e-ink display that was on pretty much every single ebook reader for several years back then.

I imagine that the battery is dying on all those first gen ebook readers. So there's a lot of working displays that aren't being used. Is there an easy way of reusing those displays?

I'd like to use one to display temperatures and humidity. These don't change much, so it can be AA battery powered, sleep most of the time, and update the display every hour or so.

Love the idea. Any updates on this?

Start by getting the datasheet for the display. Without that - good luck.

// Per.