E-Ink ED060SC7 (Kindle Display)

I've been wanting to find a decent sized E-Ink display to use in a product for a while, it occurred to me that Kindle displays are pretty easy to get hold of on eBay. A little bit of hunting about unveiled the display's datasheet:


It appears to use SPI to drive it, so the question is, how difficult do you think it would be to 'hack' to use with an Arduino? I'd like to use it to display text mainly, but raster graphics would also be useful too. This would be my first go at this sort of thing, so where would you guys recommend starting?

Looks like the "SPI" interface is for the onboard FLASH memory. (See Note 5-1) The main interface seems to be 8-bit parallel.

If you can get a (somewhat) working Kindle and an oscilloscope it shouldn't be to hard to figure out what is going on.

Unfortunately most partial Kindles have dedf displays (I know I trashed 2 of them (warranty) before I got a case for Xmas)