e-ink/epaper with ethernet

I'm looking for guidance on which hardware to select for a project that requires:

an e-ink/ePaper display (2.7 inch)
a wired Ethernet. WIFI MUST be disabled.

The only thing this project needs to do is receive a 160x160 B/W bmp/png via Ethernet and display it.
Bonus is display the IP address where bmp came from and display error messages.
I initially tried an UNO with the waveshare 4.3" display as that was pretty clean and used RS232 to the display. but it only displayed bmps preloaded on the SD card or internal ROM. the other issue is there seems to only be this 1 vender/manufacturer/model if they ever stop making it I'd have to start over.

I am looking at these combinations

UNO with

Arduino MKR1000 WIFI with

  • Arduino MKR ETH Shield,
  • Above listed eInk shields

Yun with

  • Above listed eInk Shields

my concern is mostly compatibility. It seems all the eInk shields all use the same channel (D10) as the Ethernet shield. So anything with the UNO would be a bit messy wiring.

the MKR and Yun I have issues with the WIFI. I found one article on how to disable it on the Yun but it seemed more like a hack than something that was designed.

If there is a better combination I am all ears.