E-Paper and arduino pro mini

Hello People, This is my first post in forum. I am trying to make something which requires a low power graphic display which should be also visible in daylight. For the instance I have decided to use e-paper display. I surfed Internet but was not able to find any display as per my need (display size must be around 5cmx5cm). I want to interface it with arduino pro mini. I can go with the programming part easily as I have worked on arduino and other different type of displays with it. I am just not able to figure out which e-paper display should I use as I have not used one earlier. Also what kind of driver or shield will I need to interface it with arduino. And after attaching it, I want one of the serial pins to be free as I am planning to use it in future. Also the plan is to make it low powered. Any Suggestions? :o

AdaFruit do e-ink display with examples that run on Arduino but they are memory hungry so the 2.7" one is not supported in there library code. Maybe someone else has done low memory code for them or ported it to Teensy/Due