e-Paper blurry and haft-black

Hi Guys,

Does any of you know what happens to my e-Paper (raw display -- see photo)

Photo link: (not sure what I can't attach the photo)

I design my own MCU board for my project. I just add the driver circuit as described in the datasheet (Waveshare 1.54in B/W/Y), but use a different inductor and Mosfet due to the availability. I use the sample code provided by Waveshare, and I got this problem. I cannot do anything else with the e-Paper display.

I really appreciate it if someone can help me to figure out the problem.



welcome to the forum. Please read General Guidance and How to use the Forum.

With the little information you provide, nobody can help you.

You can easily reduce the size of a picture e.g. with MS Paint, e.g. to 20% and save as jpeg to be able to attach it. I don't like links to external storage, like most other readers.

The inductance of the booster circuit must be close to the specified value, to work with the switching frequency used by the controller. The mosfet needs to be of same kind and similar characteristics.

For a start I would suggest to try with DESPI-C02 or a connection board from Waveshare. May depend on the processor you use; please tell!