E32-TTL-100 me ajudem!!!

Hello friends, I'm new forum
I need help getting my E32-TTL-100 to work, but I'm getting it. Have any of you ever worked with this module?
Could anyone give me some example of Arduino code?

I have been trying and searching the internet for many days and I can not make it work, please help me.
thank you.

link http://www.cdebyte.com/en/product-view-news.aspx?id=130

Do you have the password (what damned stupid company does deliver datasheets encrypted?) for the manual they offer for download?

I looked at the manual, but I did not succeed.
I'm trying, but so far nothing.

Post a link to a unencrypted version of the manual.


That one is encrypted. I told you we need a link to the unencrypted version of the manual!

I'm trying to do this.

I was able to unblock the pdf

E32-TTL-100_Datasheet_EN_v1.0 (1).pdf (944 KB)

It seems that this module is transparently transmitting serial data in the LORA band. So set pins 1 and 2 according to your needs (you didn't tell us yet), connect pin3 to Arduino TX, pin4 to Arduino RX and pin 5 to and free digital input on the Arduino. Pin6 is connected to 5V and pin7 to GND.

I am using arduino sample source code (eHead_client.pde from RadioHead library) the error is occurring in this part below:
if (! driver.init ())
Serial.println (“init failed”);

I’m using links according to the library:
Arduino <-----> module e32 - ttl100
/// GND ---------- GND (ground in)
/// 5V ----------- VCC (5V in)
/// D4 pin ----------- M0 (pin control input mode for radio)
/// pin D5 ----------- M1 (pin control input mode for radio)
/// D6 pin ----------- RXD (serial data input from Arduino to radio)
/// pin D7 ----------- TXD (serial data output from the radio to Arduino)
/// pin D8 ----------- AUX (output of auxiliary pin from radio to Arduino)

library link:

Friend, have you worked with this module yet?

solved the problem.
the cause of the problem is that my mega arduino was connected to the usb port of my pc, then I removed the usb cable and it worked perfectly.
thank you everyone for the attention