EA DOGM128-6 lcd display directly connect?

Hi everyone! I would like to assembly my Arduino (nano version) with EA DOGM128-6 lcd display
the lcd display use a st7565r controller (http://www.lcd-module.de/eng/pdf/zubehoer/st7565r.pdf)

From datasheet I see that lcd use spi 4wire interface.
From datasheet page 4 I see hardware setup with 9 capacitor and 3v for supply
But for pins SI, CLK, CS,AO,RESET I have a little question...can i directly connects to Arduino pins? Or I must use a dc dc convert such a resistor voltage divider?


Yes. I use a DOGM132 directly wired to both an ATTINY85 and the ATTiny26 . Use the internal pullups of the ports .
I run both systems with 3 to 5 Volt without trouble. Even the contrast of the display doesn't change when changing power supply.

Haven't been playing around with my new Arduino 2009 but it should work flawless.
In case you need a 5*8 font and some routines let me know. I'm afraid this is all in assembler, though :stuck_out_tongue: