EA DOGM128 Display with 2560

I have battled to try and get the Dogm128 library to work with an EADOGM128 display and hope that someone will help me to correctly set the options in dogm128.h.

I am using an arduino 2560 board and the following pins are connected:
PB2 (51) MOSI
PB1 (52) SCK
PB0 (53) CSI
PB5 (11) A0
PB4 (Reset) RST

I have set the following defines in dogm128:
and then set the PIN_RST, PIN_SCK etc to the arduino pin numbers given above.

I can see that the MOSI and SCK pins are being set/reset but none of the others are changing and are stuck at some voltage.

Can anyone help?



I have replaced dogm128 lib with U8glib. My suggestion is to use U8glib instead.

For your HW setup: Did you use level shifters? What is your DOGM128 setup?


Thank you for the response Oliver.

No I am not using level shifters as the data sheet says the pins can go up to 5v - what is your experience?


Which datasheet? Which page? I have not read such a statement.
To my knowledge, it is a 3.3V display.


From here: http://www.lcd-module.de/eng/pdf/zubehoer/st7565r.pdf
On page 57: High level input must be 3.3V max.

Mmmm - looks like I may have a bigger problem - I can't find the reference to the inputs being rated to 5v so I have probably killed off the display.

I will rethink what I am doing and try your newer library.

Thank you for your help.


If i remember correctly, i once made the same mistake. The display did survived 5V on the inputs.
You need to put the display into the correct mode (4-wire SPI), add the level shifters and the required caps.