EADIN Lite - New Master / Slave Library for Half-Duplex Com

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been working on a custom Master / Slave protocol for some of the real-time simulation work we are doing here at NASA Glenn Research Center. We did get authorization to release the protocol open source so it's up on GitHub.

Download: GitHub - nasa/EADINLite: EADIN_Lite Network Protocol

Key protocol features:
Can poll slaves and fetch replies at intervals of one millisecond
9.6k to 4M baud operation (on hardware serial ports)
Single master / multi-slave bus architecture
Half-duplex operation
8 byte message payload (adjustable)
Hard real-time operation (old messages are ignored)


If you have questions on usage feel free to post here and I'll answer if I have free time.

Hi, EADIN Lite sounds neat. Currently I have a bunch of Arduino Mega(s) used to decode my radios in my flight simulator. the code is hored. with a loop on the pc using a select() for IO. :frowning:
I think that EADIN Lite will solve my problems. but you omitted the header file (eadin.h) and I want to use one master talking / listening from my slaves.
So here are the questions.

  1. what is the EADIN protocol look like (definition) ie description of all the bits. (more info for #3 Design Specs. )
  2. how do you talk to selected slaves?
  3. how can a slave say "I have info for you"?
  4. The documentation? Need more
  5. you elude to both public and private functions but no code??
  6. you mention a eadlin.cpp but never reveal it. (where is it?)

Any forthcoming information or code would be a huge help.
Cris H.
btw my simulators blog NexGen. is at https://www.element14.com/community/people/phoenixcomm/blog
my Radio Sub System or RSS third attempt?: https://www.element14.com/community/people/phoenixcomm/blog/2014/05/14/nexgen-radio-subsystem-overview

using EADIN Lite I would have one master Arduino with a Ethernet Shield this now becomes the only thing that talks to the RSS. and the master talks via RS-488 multi-drop to the slaves. Which then I could just poll. ie tuner_1 do you have anything for me.? No responds with ACK/NACK, and continues on with tuner_X, until the selected tuner has information in which case the slave will have to respond with its info. Freq, Switches, etc.

You are coming to this party about 18 months late so they may have all gone home.

There appears to be a .h and a .cpp file on the Github page.