Eagle Basics

First time using Eagle. Trying to design a (simple) circuit board that only contains through-hole components, no SMT. I'll be placing the Arduino (micro) with female headers, along with an SD card reader, an RTC chip, some screw terminals, and a few resistors. All the components (except the resistors) will be with female headers.

What's the simplest beginners way to get started designing something like this in Eagle? From what I've read in tutorials, you're supposed to place your exact components in the schematic, but if I'm using through-holes and female headers, isn't that agnostic to the designer?

Maybe what I'm looking for is where I can find a basic tutorial on designing a board with only through-holes linked together by solder lines (don't know the term) on the board?


Try sparkfun.com, they have a nice tutorial on using Eagle.

Basically - insert the parts, connect them in the schematic.
Switch to board, place the parts, and route them.