Eagle cad netwires not connecting

In eagle cad I am having a problem where net wire (in the circuit diagram) will not connect to components. Any ideas?

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Does the line not end or is no connection made between the part and the wire?
When I connect a wire to a part, the line often does not end automatically, but when i start a new line, the connection between wire and part is made nonetheless.

Are you using the Wire tool or the Net tool? You should be using the Net tool. The Wire tool is just for drawing outlines, borders, boxes, etc.

I am using the net tool, and the connection is not made between the wire and part.


You’d doing this in the schematic, right?

Did you change the grid? Don’t.

I am doing this in the schematic. And i did change the grid. Should I change it back to the original?

All of the library components have pins on a 0.1" grid. If you change the grid to, say, 0.05" and place a part such that its pins are no longer on the 0.1" grid, then neither will the pins be on that grid.

You must either then route on a 0.05" grid, or move the part back to a 0.1" grid. You can do that by selecting the Move tool and Ctrl-clicking on the part.

Thanks it works now, you guys are great. :wink: