Eagle CAD questions

Thought it could be good to have a Eagle CAD questions thread?

Anyway, here is my one to start.

Iv downloaded the ArduinoShieldScaffold from:

And I would like to add new components, but keep the scaffold layout intact.

what do i do with the files in the pack (shield_scaffold.b#1, shield_scaffold.brd, eagle.epf, shield_scaffold.sch) so i can add to the schematic without loosing the per-formatted scale?

tried just opening the schematic and adding, but when i switch to board view it just clumps everything to the left, shield pads and all.

Well you can add components in the brd file and the connect up with airwires and the route but that is not ideal…


yep, thats the only way iv found to do it so far, as when ever i change it on the sch and switch to board I get

Board and schematic are not consistent!

No forward-/backannotation will be performed!

Use the ERC command to get a detailed error report.

Copy the .brd and .sch file to your new files.
Make sure you have both .brd and .sch files open AT THE SAME TIME before adding components to the new .sch file. The new components should appear outside the board outline, but the scaffold components should stay where they are. It sounds like you’re not opening the .BRD file, so EAGLE is creating a new one from your modified .SCH (and the component positions of the scaffold components aren’t there, because it’s new.)

Have the .sch and .brd open at the same time.

Do a “save as” and rename them whatever you want.

Add your components to the schematic. Switch to board view and place them.

It’s a bit more complicated if you want to ADD the “scaffold” to an existing schematic and layed out board - but it can be done.

Thanks so much guys, works like a charm now!

Where are the Terminal Blocks hiding in Eagle?

I use the ones in the library “con-wago-500”