Eagle component rotation problems.


Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here goes....

I'm working with the free version of eagle, I want to make a shield for an arduino UNO, I've done the schematic, and am trying to get the board sorted. I'm using a arduino UNO template/component that I've cut and pasted from another design.

The problem is that my design is laid out in 'landscape' mode, and the the UNO needs to be placed in landscape mode to. The default placement of the UNO component on the board is in portrait mode, so I need to rotate it three times anti-clockwise to position it correctly. I can rotate it once (90 degrees anticlockwise) but it then refuses to let me rotate it again saying that it will be outside the 100*80 cm limit (this seems to happen no matter where the starting position is.)

Is there a solution (other than buying a license!) ? it's not that the component is too large for the size limits, it's just that I can't rotate it to get it into the correct position!


Rotate it once clockwise.

ok - don't panic - solution found. I just discovered that if I click on the item, select 'properties' and then type in the co-ordinates I need and set the angle to 270 then it all works!

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Rotate it once clockwise.

Not an option! - the 'rotate' buttons only goes one way!

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Not an option! - the 'rotate' buttons only goes one way!

Isn't there an angle option or input when you rotate? It appears above the tools bar when you click the 'rotate' button and has a default value of 90 degrees. Select your stuff to rotate, then enter 270 in that angle entry and rotate.

Or select “move”, click the template origin to pick it up, and then right-click three times to rotate it 270 degrees (90 degrees for each click.) It shouldn’t complain until you left-click again to actually put the object back down.