Eagle design / ATMEGA328

I'm attempting to find an eagle library and file that has the correct spacing/pins for an ATMEGA328 socket. SSOP28 from the Sparkfun library looks correct. My question is how do I know the pin spacing, both in the rows, and the distance between the rows will be correct?


The best way is to look up the datasheet and then to go into Eagle and see if the layout matches the datasheet.

I have the dimensions, from digi, for the socket. In Eagle, all I'm seeing is an image with 28 numbered pins. Where do I find the dimensions in Eagle?


You are looking at the schematics. You need to switch to the layout view.

How do I get to layout view? So far all I've used is schematics and board. Is layout view when you create the board and drag the components onto the board?

Thanks for your patience!

You can go the easy way and look at the board layout, hit print and then just put the IC over the print out, see if it matches. If you want to be more accurate and absolutely sure it's correct, then open the library containing the 328 and look at it in there, you can measure the distances yourself.

Open EagleCAD In the Control Panel, open the Libraries section and find the library containing the 328, right click and select Open The 5th icon reads 'Edit a package', click on it and find the 328 in the list and double click it.

This will open it in the editor where you can see exactly which pads are numbered what and what the spacing is. You can either measure it by drawing another line between the center of the pads, or simply by looking at two adjacent pads and pull up the properties for them. Look at their position and subtract the numbers, see if it matches what the datasheet says.

Ah now I get it! Many Thanks!