Eagle file for standalone arduino due

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a site where I could find an eagle file (specifically a .sch file) of a standalone of an arduino due. In fact, I drew a pcb in which I integrate an arduino due but for reasons of cost and space, I would like to make a pcb all in one and so whitout arduino due.
Thank you for your help.



Thank you but I think you misunderstood my request or that I was not precise enough. I do not search the arduino due file eagle but only minimum components allowing the realization of a project that currently works with an arduino due and a shield. More precisely, in the end I would like to have an all-in-one circuit board to not buy and assemble an arduino due.


I dunno. Asking if someone has already done a minimalist Due doesn't seem that unreasonable; there are lots of reduced ATmega and SAMD2x designs floating around...

Unfortunately, I don't know of any, offhand. The Due modifications I've seen have mostly added additional stuff (Ethernet Phy, external memory, etc.) (Note that the Due doesn't really have that much "extra" stuff, anyway.)