Eagle Footprint Needed

Does anybody know where I can find an Eagle part for a round crystal. More specifically this one.

Also, I would like it to be standing up, so it is only a circle.

Check the user contributed eagle libraries at the Eagle/Cadsoft web site here.

That crystal may be a bit fragile mounted vertically.


How else can I mount it?

They are commonly mounted laying on their side with the can tacked down to a copper land with solder.

In that case, can someone point me to that type of footprint? I know that there are some in the Sparkfun one, and some in the “crystal” library, but i don’t know which one is right…

I used CRYSTALTC26H (CRYSTAL) from eagle’s crystal library.

Caution that your crystal may be longer than eagle’s part. Just print out 1:1 layout and compare.