eagle grid


I'm making a pcb design based on the Arduino prototyping board. In the Eagle files I have a problem with the grid in the schematic. It seems ok for parts of the schematic, but other parts are off the grid, and I cannot connect added components.

I'm using eagle 4.16 Light and have a grid size of 0.1 inch. Hope someone can help.


I see now that the schematics are drawn on a grid size of .025 inches, and changing to this solves the problem.

Cool. Out of curiosity, what are you making?

If I remember correctly, in Eagle there is a set of included 'user scripts' or something similar, and one of them is called "snap to grid"-- it snaps components into place that are off the standard grid, which happens when you change grid resolutions along the way. There should be a script available for the schematic and for the board.