Eagle help - rotating parts

Hi - quick Eagle (lite) Q - is it possible to rotate components other than 90 degree increments? I'd like to be able to be able to use an abritrary number of degrees. Can't seem to find anything in the menus.


Did you find the "rotate" icon in your tools? horizontal shaded bar, vertical black bar, circular arrow? When you click that, by default the rotation angle is set to 90 degrees, but a field
"Angle" appears in the top menu bar and you can change the angle to an arbitrary number.

You can also use a typed command in the command window, like "rotate R10" (rotate 10 degrees) or "rotate =R10" (rotate to 10 degree absolute angle.) Typed commands can be very useful for more exacting actions...

Ah brilliant - I saw the angle drop down but it only had 90 / 180 / 270 in - didn't think of typing! ::slight_smile:


Lots of the drop-down (pop-up?) boxes can be typed in (drill size, track width, etc.)