Eagle layout help for connector

I am using this SubD connector in my layout in eagle 5.11 light.
What do I need to do to get the mounting holes to show up with it?

sub-d help.jpg

I would make sure that you have all layers showing?

I'm not an expert but I have made some parts in Eagle. You most likely need to modify the library part and add two holes to the drill layer.

If the connector holes are electrically connected, you may need a keepout or restrict (I don't remember which) area so the copper area doesn't interfere.


This particular package in Eagle does not have mounting holes. You may want to use a part from that library with a different package, one that does have mounting holes, like the F09H package.

Alternatively, you can draw your own mounting holes on the board (use the 'via' tool in the Eagle board editor), ensuring you choose the right locations and hole diameter. It would be best, however, to draw a part that is an exact match to the one you are using (there are lots of slight variations on DB9 connectors so it's best to check out exactly what you're getting from Eagle against the part's datasheet). That way you don't have to worry about moving the mounting holes if you also move the part.

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Thanks for the tips. I saw what looked liked holes in the package. Will try th F09H and will check that against what I think is being purchased.

Okay, the F09H worked great. Thanks again!

I would also make a mock-up with 1:1 printing and cardboard just to make sure I'm getting all the dimensions right.