Eagle. LGA 14

Does anyone know of any LGA library files for eagle?

I want to make one (or find one) for a freescale accelerometer that uses a 14LGA package. I have the measurements of the package from the data sheet, but

a.) I am having trouble reading it.
b.) Had trouble aligning pins etc when I tryed to make it with eagle, which is part of problem a.

These are the measurements from the datasheet:

I understand this part. The package is 3mm x 5mm

Now this is the part I have trouble understanding:

From what I can see the pads are 0.5mm x 0.8mm.
What I cant figure out is pad placement.

Anyone know of any librarys, or have any tips for making my own?

I know how to make one, just this pad placement is what is giving me a bit of trouble.

Ok, i think ive figured alot more out. My main problem now is getting the grid settings right so I can get the pad placement correct.

Well, the "10X 0.8", "2X 0.4" and the "12X 1" give you all the info you need.

Going down the sides, the centres of the pads are 0.8 apart. The centres are located 1 from the vertical centreline.

The centre of pads 3, 4, 10 & 11 are 0.4 from the horizontal centreline.

The two end pads are on the vertical centreline, and 0.6 from the horizontal centreline

Thanks for the info. I have worked it out I think by placing things where they look right and spacings are even. But I will use this info to double check that it is correct. (so far it is)


It appears to be correct, but im interested to know where you got the 0.6 from for the end pads?

Yeah... ignore that. Should be 2. Saw the "6X" out of the corner of my eye.

I'd use a grid spacing of 1, alt 0.5