Eagle Lib for Arduino Uno WiFi rev.2

Did anyone already created an eagle .lbr file to use the board in an own project?
I couldn't find anything on the internet.

The Uno WiFi Rev2 has the same form factor as the Uno Rev3. If there is none for the Uno WiFi Rev2, then you can just use an Uno Rev3 part instead.

Thank you. That could be a solution.
But is it 100% pin compatible? I2C, SPI, etc.

But is it 100% pin compatible? I2C, SPI, etc.

Yes and no.

On the Uno the I2C bus is on both pins SDA/SCL as well as A4/A5. On the Uno WiFi Rev2 the I2C bus is only on pins SCA/SCL.

On the Uno the SPI bus is on both the ICSP header as well as pins 11/12/13. On the Uno WiFi Rev2 the SPI bus is only on the ICSP header.

I don't see why that is relevant though.

Shouldn't be relevant I think....
I just have to be careful when planning my board. It's easier to prevent errors if the description of the part pins matches with the reality.
I will test it out..

If anybody finds an eagle part or designes one, please let me know :wink:

Thank you!

It's best practices anyway to make the I2C connection to the SDA/SCL pins and the SPI connection to the ICSP header. The Uno WiFi Rev2 is not the only board in the Uno form factor that doesn't have those busses broken out to A4/A5, 11/12/13. The SDA/SCL pins and the ICSP header are the universal interfaces for those busses.

The difference I would be more concerned about between the Uno and the Uno WiFi Rev2 is that pin 11 on the Uno is PWM, while that pin is not PWM on the Uno WiFi Rev2. The other PWM pins all match. To make matters more confusing, some of the Uno WiFi Rev2 boards have pin 11 incorrectly marked as PWM.

I'd think it would only take a few minutes of effort to convert an Uno Eagle part into an Uno WiFi Rev2 part.