Eagle libraries for 0.56" 7-segment

I'm using the following 7-segment LEDs:

  • 4-digit HS420561K
  • 3-digit HS320561K
  • 2-digit HX220561K

I cannot seem to find any Eagle libraries for any of these to enable me to set out my PCB. Does anyone know of any Eagle libraries for any of these units?

Well I've found that the Kingbright BC56-12RWA is the same as the HS320561K and the Kingbright Eagle library has that. But I can't seem to find 2-digit and 4-digit variants. Looks like I'll need to create some new component based upon the BC56-12RWA, unless osmeone else has already done this?

I've now created a 2-digit part for the Eagle library, I just need to create a 4-digit part.

I have HX220561K two digits... can you plz share your library?