eagle libraries with led matrix

I have a led matrix 2088AB-1 it is 6.0mm and i can not find a library for eagle does anyone know where can i find.I have found one for 3mm but i need a bigger.

Datasheet, or link to it?

If you end up not being able to find one, you could always create your own part.

I've found this tutorial to be extremely helpful.


I’ve used a 8x8 LED matrix (20mm)… Didn’t find any library so I made my own… Here is the library and the datasheet… I hope it’s useful for someone!

Led_Matrix.pdf (281 KB)

LEDMAT8x8_BASEL.lbr (7.69 KB)

I think having the common cathode/common anode part clear is really needed.

LTP1457_5X7LED.lbr (37.5 KB)

thank you guys, the led matrix pdf was corrupted, it has some problem i can not use it. i will check the first propably to make a device