eagle libraries

hi all,

my problem is that i can't find eagle 4.09r2 libraries for tlc4950 and ARDUINO MINI, i've already tested some examples found on the net but all of them was conceived for eagle 5.6.0 and that wasn't accepted by the 4.09 version .so i'm really pissed off , it's making me sick ,lol, i don't know where to get them,

thank you for all suggestion

Get the EAGLE freeware version of 5.6, load the desired libraries, EXPORT them as a script, and see if you can read the script in your 4.09 version (you may have to do some text editing of the script, but perhaps not.) Don't let 5.09 overwrite the eagle.ini files (I think it will ask...)

Why can't you download and use Eagle 5.6.0 ??

Alternatively, make your own libraries!

(if you BOUGHT 4.09, then 5.6 might be an expensive upgrade...)

Damn. Swear I saw "freeware" in the OP, but must have been in your reply.

I'd put my money though on it being the freeware version...

but how to export them as a script ?

thanks man

EXPORT is in the FILE menu.