Eagle Library for 7s display

Hi, maybe I am drowning myself in a glass of water, but I'm stuck while designing my first pcb because I can't find a way to add a couple of 7s displays.

http://www.semisvit.com.ua/pdf/flying/NFD-5631ABx-11.pdf http://www.alfacomponent.com/r_rayconn/index_2.files/PDF/DISPLAY/REC-S5261AG(C).pdf

The seconds one is the same package displayed in the datasheet but pins have different layout (2 rows of 5)

Any idea if I can find a library somewhere?

I know you can create parts but seems to be a little complicated and I don't have too much time right now.

Thanks in advance!

Create the parts, it is not hard. Here are directions to follow.

Check out the “First Flights” Eagle tutorials on Youtube - THIS one covers making a simple part (this is Part 4) - part 5 covers making a part with multiple “gates” etc. They are quite good although they could have edited them a bit - they are the direct recordings from their webinar series. There are 6 parts and worth the time to watch.

Thank you, I'm trying to design it myself. I printed it and the package matches in size but I cannot verify if pins position is correct because I just get a black rectangle in the paper. How do I make them appear?

Post the .lbr, .sch, and .brd you have so far.