Eagle - pcb design - dc power jack milling

Hi guys,

Searched and read about it but didn't found a final answer , let alone a good Eagle example for this DC power jack:

Here are some discussions:


All Eagle files show only holes like this:

I did try to use the milling layer in Eagle and also checked to export this layer for a gerber file, but somehow it never shows the milling holes for the power jack in my 3d gerber viewer.

Question, is there someone who has or knows where to find a good brd example showing milling holes that are ALSO shown in the Gerber files for this dc power jack?

(I know not all pcb factory's can handle this milling, but I do want to put it into the gerber file so there is no mistake in communication. )

Probably the best answer: LINK

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Sparkfun library and I think Adafruit library both have that part.
You can also Export libraries from any of the Arduino boards that use that part, like an Uno.