Eagle PCB Help

I’m asking an Eagle question on the Arduino forum because I’ve received so much help from the members here, that I respect and value the advice. Having said that…

I am making my first Eagle PCB and I’d like some help. I’m using a 4066 quad bilateral switch and during the ERC it says I have VDD and VSS unattached to the “BUS”. The 4066, when placed in the schematic, shows one of the four switches at a time. Thats fine, but…it never gives me the opportunity to wire the VCC and GND on the NET. Instead, ERC complains about the VSS and VDD. I know what pins are VCC and GND.

My question is:

  1. Can I wire the VCC and GND on the NET from the Board and ignore the ERC warnings on the schematic?
  2. What is the “BUS” and do I need it ???
  3. How is the “BUS” different from the “NET”??

They aren’t shown on the schematic by default. They do it this way so that people doing MASSIVE schematics don’t get too overcrowded by VCC and GND pins.

You’ve got two options.

[1] Rename your supply and ground traces EXACTLY what they are asking for
[2] Hit the “invoke” button in the schematic editor and choose the IC. It will show the hidden pins. (On my version of Eagle it’s the button above the big ‘T’ for text button)

The people on this board are amazing. Thank you!! The invoke seems to have worked just fine. I’m real close to sending my first PCB to production now. I can’t wait.

Thanks again.