Eagle Question

I am new to Arduino, new to circuit building and new to Eagle. I am trying to learn everything at once as this enables me to get a better comprehension of what I am learning based on applicability in other aspects.

Aside from that, is there an accessible version of the Mega 2560 and/or Ethernet Shield in Eagle? I downloaded the adafruit library to eagle, but there are no Mega schematics in it and I am unable to locate the alleged SparkFun library. Do any of you know where I can find a library that has a Mega included, that I can utilize in the same steps used to acquire and access the adafruit library?

Reason why I want to have the Mega schematic is because I am learning all of this to build a pretty large project and wanted to plot out each facet of this project in circuitry stemming from the Mega. I feel I would then be able to generate drawings of each facet of my project, build the necessary circuitry (in Eagle), have it proofread by more knowledgeable individuals (such as Arduino forum members), then build it. If you can imagine, my project should include about 15 different schematics, each with the Mega as the common denominator making all the schematics together mentally appear as a panoramic view of the full project.

I also feel it would be much easier to build each circuit knowing that the schematic at hand only depicts components and leads to/from that specific circuit then I would only need to ensure that there are no wiring conflicts back to the Mega.

If you look at the Mega product page you will find the eagle files in a zip file. The same is true for the Ethernet shield.

For whatever reason, I am unable to access those files from the "add" function, or the "use" function prior to that. i think the free Eagle only recognizes files in the .lib format. I went into my eagle directory and and right clicked on the Mega.sch file and set it to open with eagle, so I was able to at least get that image into a new schematic, then delete everything I'm not using and save the result (save as) as a boilerplate to use in each circuit. I was hoping to find the more simplified view with just the headers, but I was unable to find it. I will make due with this and if in the future another eagle image is generated, I will just swap out new for old.

Some added searching and I find "a" Mega 2560 Library with a very simple schematic image, just what I wanted.

Link -> Mega 2560 .LIB

Download link is at the very end of the page.

Element14 has Eagle libraries for Due, Mega etc. You will probably end up modifying them as they do include pins for the debug connectors which aren't usually connected to any shield.

LMGTFY The first hit is the Sparkfun library. I use those Sparkfun libraries constantly.