eagle sw diagram

I am working on a project called ardruino based underground cable fault detection. a got a circuit diagram which is made in eagle software.I need to make a circuit diagram in word so that i could connect all the components please can someone tell me which pins of LCD or RELAY are connected to which pins of ARDUINO UNO.

hardware used are

  1. arduino uno
  2. 16x2 lcd display
  3. uln2803 driver ic
  4. 4 relays
  5. some diodes n resistors

thank you

AC Relay LED.pdf (15.6 KB)

program.txt (3 KB)

that depends on the program

I think you mean the pin mapping : http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping168

if program is also required then i have attached the program below
and I want to know which pin of lcd or uln2803 is connected to which pin of arduino uno.
actually i want to make a circuit diagram for my project.
And i am new to arduino.
thanks again

program.txt (3 KB)