Eagle symbol help - making Name, Value appear

Hi Gang,
I’ve created this eagle symbol for a JST 1.5mm type connector.
When I put it on a schematic, I can enter a name for it on properties but it does not show up on screen.
All the 91-98 layers are turned.
I thought I had added the Name & Value tags when I created the part.
What am I missing?


JST-1_5mm.lbr (6.22 KB)

You need to add the text “>VALUE” (without quotes and with the greater than symbol) on the Values layer in the symbol editor. You can also add “>NAME” on the Names layer in the symbol editor.

JST-1_5mm.lbr (6.35 KB)

Ok, I see >VALUE and G$1 on the symbol now, Thanks! How did you add them? I could not find a way to do that.

Add it with the text tool. But you have to put it on the (96) Values or (95) Names layers to work as expected.