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Would anyone be able to please tell me where I might find an Eagle symbol for a 60 mm square common anode LED matrix display like this


The only Eagle forums that I can find do not seem very active and also I realise that you can make your own but as this stage I am flat out trying to learn to use this CAD package as it is Thanks Pedro.

Try newark.com, they have lots of symbols you can download a script for.

More likely you will need to make one tho.

Try this one to start. Store it where you can find it easily, like in EagleLibrary folder in your Arduino sketch folder.
From the eagle control panel, select File:Open:Library and browse to it.
Once open:
you can change the package and edit the placement of the pins and the outer size by moving the lines, and make other changes that show up on the board, like pin numbers by editing the pins.
you can change the symbol and edit what shows up on the schematic by editing the pins, changing the placement of the lines, or drawing stuff inside the lines.
you can change the pin mapping from schematic to board symbol by DISCONNECT the pins and then CONNECT them again.

Have fiun!

8x8matrix.lbr (12.8 KB)

Library pics



Schematic & board views
Not sure why Name and/or Value do not show up on Board. If someone could explain that I’d appreciate for future library parts.


Ah! Just figured out what I’ve been missing - need to have >Name and >Value on the package symbol too.

8x8matrix.lbr (12.9 KB)

Thanks a lot Crossroads. I will start looking at making some of my own symbols but at this stage I am coming to grips with the unintuitive Eagle way of finding anything :D

Its not so bad. Find the library where the part is, add it.
No part? Create a new library, save the part.
Use the library, select the part add it.
Hardest part is finding the library where the part you want is.
If you download the adafruit and sparkfun libraries, they have a lot of stuff you will use a lot.
Outside of that, search Newark.com
Outside of that, ask in the forum - the parts are out there a lot of times.

Failing all that, create your own. Sparkfun has tutorials, and I outlined the process pretty well above.

Thanks again for the help and the heads up on Newark. I have the Adafruit and Sparkfun libs and yes there is a lot of parts relevant to Arduino in them to use. So with your LED matrix symbol you provided me with, I suppose the main thing for me to do is to adjust the dimension between the two rows of pins seeing as that when I generate the board file that is really all that is critical, aside from obviously having the correct number of pins and the pin spacing correct?

Yes: Move pins to correct locations. Check the outer size so you don't have mechanical fit issues with other parts on the board. Don't be afraid to change the View:Grid to change between inch & mm as needed. Also label the pins on symbol (Row X, Column X) so you know what you're connecting to.

Will do :D For my first project I am having a go at making some files for a 60mm version of the boards marco_c uses for his Parola project http://forum.arduino.cc//index.php?topic=171056.0 If it would be ok I would like to post the files here when I am finnished and get some advice as to how they are looking.

Pedro147: Would anyone be able to please tell me where I might find an Eagle symbol for a 60 mm square common anode LED matrix display like this

I did wonder what you meant by "common anode".

You meant "Row anode" - as the item description reads. That makes more sense. :D

Mind you, this is too technical for "Bar Sport".

You are right Paul, where do you think I should post this type of question? I know is an Arduino not Eagle forum but I have had several members of long standing suggest that there are members here who are willing to help out with Eagle. Sorry about the mis naming too :D

Oh, I am not complaining, but I would not be surprised if one of the moderators re-classified it - moved it to another forum (and left a link here). "Project Guidance" comes to mind and is one of the most active discussions here, I frequent it but there might be another possibly more suitable.

Don't worry about it. You are getting - or have obtained - good answers.

And you are likely right in that you may get more useful information here than on an Eagle forum.

"Bar Sport" is supposed to be for less serious matters, a place you go when you are just relaxing and "chewing the fat". :D

Paul thanks for your suggestions

Well, this moderator does not particularly care where it is posted and will not be moving it 8) as I never am sure where to post Eagle questions either.

When you are done, print them at 1:1 scale and put the part on it, see that the pins line up and the outside dimensiion matches. Surprising how much smaller stuff is after seeing it zoomed up in size on the screen all the time.

Redemption :D Thanks for the additional tips too CR. Scale is a deceiving mistress

Interesting thread (even in "Bar Sport").

Maybe a thread could be started (in General Electronics ?) where people can add their own parts, to have them available to the community. Anybody created their own parts not available elsewhere and like to share those ?

I think that,s a great idea MAS3. Obviously a lot of people on the forum use Eagle and it would be nice to have a symbol repository of sorts that we could all share.

Where keep them tho? Pain in the butt to try and search the forum for parts. Need a dedicated area.