Eagle symbols needed for High Density Memory Shield

I'm in need of a couple of symbols.
Got it in mind to put 8 Serial memory chips on a shield.
They run at 3.3V, so I'll use a TI TXB0106 for level shifting, and a TPIC6C595 open drain shift register for the chip selects, with pullups to 3.3V for level translation.
If those 2 parts are in Eagle, I can't find them.
Got a schematic and layout started with a couple parts stuck in as place holders.

Any one have a lead on these 2 symbols?

Are you using Eagle 6? Remember you can open the libraries with a text editor now and make your packages the easy way.

Newark.com also has both packages in Eagle 6 format.

Yes, eagle 6.

"open the libraries with a text editor now and make your packages the easy way."
I don't have a clue as to how to do that.

Will see about getting symbols from Newark, thanks for that reminder. Been a while since I needed a new footprint.

Ok, I went to Newark logged in downloaded the .zip file for TPIC6C595.
Read the Readme file:
"How to import new library file (.lbr) into EAGLE:

  1. Download and extract the file.
  2. Copy the library file (.lbr) to EAGLE library folder; "C:\Program Files\EAGLE-X.XX.X\lbr" (X.XX.X is your EAGLE software version)
  3. Start EAGLE software.
  4. Under EAGLE Control Panel, go to the Library tree and browse for new copied library (.lbr) file.
  5. Right click on the library and select "USE".
  6. You have successfully imported new library and ready to use in your design."

However, the zip file contains TI-TPIC6C595D.scr.
Figured ok, run that by selecting File:Script and browsing to it to create the .lbr file?
Just yields a bunch of errors tho.
Am I missing something?

Same for TI-TXB0106PWR.scr

And I can't find Austria Microsystems AS5048A at all, only larger versions (Special Functions) that do seem to have same 14-bit resolution.


It basically comes down to finding an identical and, in this case, similar 16 pin s to copy for each chip. Then finally you combine both in a , and wrap everything with the extra library junk you find in any library. Well, maybe it's not that easy, but if you poke at it after a while it makes sense.

Please verify carefully; I'd hate to be responsible for a reject board with an incorrect footprint or pin order. :disappointed_relieved:

extratexas.lbr (19.3 KB)

err, guys? text editor? I just open a new library and drag-drop a footprint into it, it accomplishes pretty much the same thing, this worked in EAGLE 5 days...

I made my own TXB0101 footprint a while back, see attached, it might help (EDIT, it might not, totally different footprint lol, oh well... good luck guys)

frank_eagle.lbr (11.8 KB)

Got some feedback from Newark on this:

"Thanks for your feedback, Please find the attached text file which guides you to import your new library into EAGLE. This issue we will resolve soon."

To import your new library into EAGLE:

  1. Start EAGLE.
  2. Select File -> New -> Library from the menu.
  3. In the blank library window, select File -> Script from the menu.
  4. Select the EDIT tab.
  5. Browse to the correct EAGLE Script file (".scr" file extension) in the file "Open" window.
  6. After opening the file, the script will populate the new library.
  7. Use File -> Save (or Save As..) to save the library to the desired location in EAGLE native format.

Will give it a shot once Eagle gets thru doing some autorouting for me. (I find it works pretty well if one is careful with parts placement. May have to some cleanup on power connections if wider traces are used and parts have narrower pads).

Woo hoo! Updated library directions work!
Downloaded & installed 3 new parts (different project, but still...).
Got these saved where hopefully I can find them again.

Anyone seen 1.5mm holes on 1.5mm pitch for use with 1.5mm JST connector?
I can only find 4-pin connector, need 3,5,6,8.

I suggest you download the SparkFun library, there are parts named M01 M02 M03 ... Mxx where xx is the number of pins, up to around 20, and they usually have Molex and JST and regular straight header footprints.

Also at this point I think it's worth it for you to learn how to make EAGLE footprints yourself

I thought I had tried the sparkfun library, I use their 0.1" spaced headers all the time. Will look again for 1.5mm.
Searching for "1.5mm" was not really helpful, browsing every connector library was not helpful, and the con-jst library only had the 1 part.
I can make a footprint, it just takes me way too long as I rarely do it and its like relearning the process over every time, especially on these kinds of parts where you have to really watch the drawing to make sure the plastic footprint is the right size.
Newark.com has a bunch of eagle files for parts, these JST connectors were not one of them that I could find.

I've got 100s of components and made every one from scratch (not Eagle I hasten to add).

It used to be a small chore getting the pads in the right place but these days I download a 3D model of the component and just move pads around until they are correct. Then apply a sanity test in case I got the wrong 3D model. I can do just about any component in a few minutes.

Surely Eagle can't be that hard to use...oh wait, it is :slight_smile:


Hey gang...

check this out for an Eagle part: AS5048A (SPI) TSSOP14 package..

Im new to all this.... (hopefully I did it correctly)..

Im not sure how.if you can export JUST a part?? so I have included my custom library I am building as I learn....etc.

two new parts I made are:

the Magnetic Rotary Encoder: AS5048A

and the MICROCHIP MCP4921 DAC (I tried to make this one with multiple packages available for same part)

feedback is appreciated..



library updated:

1.) got word that said the part was NOT in this lib? (AS5048A-Magnetic-rotary-encoder)
2.)forgot to connect the PINS.. (completed now)

xl_custom_lib.zip (9.38 KB)