Earth Rising 7" TFT - 4 wire SPI

Hey guys...
back at it again :slight_smile:

I'm having an issue with getting the touch screen to work.

The ER-TFT070-5 is based on the RA8875 LCD Controller and FT5206 for the Capacitive Touch controller tied into an Arduino Due

The display at first was a bit a pain to figure out, but soon realized that I had the wrong resolution and i can run a few sample programs. However...

I never did get the touch controller to work properly.

I'm still trying to figure out if im doing something wrong or just plainly im missing something else...

Searched a bit more and found this...

I think I sorta answered my own question :confused:

Still up for debate is:

Serial VS SPI

Which would have the lowest latency ??

Hi Adrculda-

Did you ever answer this question? And it appears that you got your touch screen capability up and working? I am curious to hear more about your experience with EastRising/ because I am thinking of trying a TFT from them also. Just not sure about how steep the learning curve would be to get it working. Any feedback you might have would be appreciated.