Earthquake alerting

Hi everybody,

I am going to design the earthquake alerting system by using vibration sensor and arduino uno and gsm module to send sms automatically when earthquake happen. Do you guys have any idea, or circuit diagrams or code to help me please?

Thanks in advance, steve

Well, you need some sort of sensor to detect the earthquakes, and a GSM modle of some sort to send the SMS.

You then need to connect the sensor and module to an Arduino, and write some code so that when an earthquake is detected, an SMS should be sent. You might want to think about limiting the munber of alterst that get sent - you don't want to be spamming your phone with SMSs for the entire duration of the earthquake.


void loop() {
  if(theres_an_earthquake_happenning() and its_ok_to_send_another_sms()) {

boolean theres_an_earthquake_happenning() {
  // put code here to detect earthquake

boolean its_ok_to_send_another_sms() {
  // put code here to limit the rate of SMS transmission

void send_an_sms() {
  // put code here to send an SMS message

There is a reliability issue with this sort of project - you need to check by some method that the circuit is still working from time to time . Otherwise in 10 yrs time , how confident can you be that you will actually get a message?

Calibrating the sensor is going to be interesting too

I recall @carl47 having great success with his project...