Earthshine electronics delivery


Does anyone have some feedback about earthshine electronics ( deliveries ?

My order was "shipped" since a week now, and I'm in France so it shouldn't take so long to go... Well, I know a week isn't so long, but I searched in the forum and found some topics of people waiting really long for their orders and now I'm getting a bit worried... :(,54060.0.html,51452.0.html for exemple

I think this is kind of suspicious. So : Does anyone had an order there and received it ?

I contacted the guy by mail a few days ago to ask for some sort of shipping track, no answer (that's why I'm posting here). I wanted to send a twitter message (as seen in some topics) but by looking at the twitter account it is obviously a twitter bot and I'm pretty sure he never reads it : absolutely no manual tweets (and people who tried that didn't get any answer either).

I mean, there is something strange with it. I'm wondering if this is really serious or if there is some fake forum accounts to make advertising for this website (or I'm just paranoid, I hope). Their guest book is almost empty, the "live support" widget has never been online, etc.

The fun fact is that I was adviced to order there because I wanted a starter kit and didn't want to wait for official stocks to refill... Well, I'll still have to wait. But I'd like to know if this is just a ship problem or if there is something wrong with this website...Can anyone who has ordered there confirm it is legit (or not) ?

And to the guy running this (Mike, if I remember well) if you read this and your website is legit : You should really try to make your website look more pro : not answering to mails + using a twitter bot + crappy logo + self advertising on the forums seems so suspicious. I usually never order from websites like this (but this time I really wanted my arduino so I didn't use my brain). Also, I hope the only problem is the shipping time, and it that case just give people the shipping tracking number so they can know it is not your fault... Or at least answer to mails.

Thank you and sorry for the long complaining post but I think people should be warned if they have to wait so long for orders...

Never ordered from there, but I recall they have a nice PDF - - !!