Easiest and/or favorite RF Library?

I’ve used a few… what I’m looking for is a semi-simple interface for sending information acquired by sensors. So far I’ve ran into problems… either too much noise… or it’s just too confusing!

I’ve gotten a couple to work with… a button… shows if it was pushed once, but I’m not understanding how to actually send information, then translate that information back on the other end… without giving me a bunch of random input from random RF.

I’ve used SoftWareSerial, NewSoftSerial, VirtualWire and tried just regular serial… I either get too much noise, or if I get a clean connection (with an example) I don’t understand how to send information over that connection without messing it up, ohh I feel so lost! :smiley: lol

Well hopefully somebody has some insight, and maybe how they overcame the same… “fears” :slight_smile: