Easiest Camera for arduino?

I'm looking for a easy camera to control with arduino also it has to be cheap! i saw the OV7670 but it seems quite hard to use!, i was hoping to find one that has also a good library.
What i wanna do is just getting an image and save it on a sd card, don't really need a lot of images per second just one every 2 seconds can already be good.

I think the OV7670 would work with a Raspberry Pi - that would be the easiest - and cheapest way to go.

If you want to work with an Arduino, you need a complete digital camera with an external shutter connector - or if you are very careful (disassembling digital cameras is not for the faint-hearted), you could connect to the two shutter button circuits of just about any cheap digital camera.

Sincerely i want to work on arduino and using a camera with arduino is a good idea! i'm gonna look around if i can get a small camera i don't really need a high image quality or resolution and i prefer if the camera is small.

Checked out Adafruit?

Well thanks! no i did not see it also never heard it before, it seem also to have good tutorials.