Easiest LCD, where to get one?

Okai, I’m somewhat confused. What LCD is the easiest one to use with the Arduino?

Thinking about a character lcd type.

I second this question.

Need one for my project too.

I use the lcd from sureelectronics, they are cheap but shipping is abit high unless you order lots. Then I use a serial lcd controller from web4robot. It make things really easy.


Serial/I2C LCD Controller

The “easiest to use” LCD is probably one with a built-in serial controller, like these Parallax products aimed at the “Basic Stamp”: http://www.parallax.com/tabid/768/txtSearch/lcd/List/0/SortField/4/Default.aspx
They’ll usually only use one output pin of the arduino to display text. However, be prepared for a bit of “sticker shock”, since at $25 and up these are 2 to 3 times the price of a “parallel” module (usually $7-15 for a 16x2 display) and 10x the cost of cheap parallel surplus displays ($2-10)
If you’re hunting for the latter, look for a display with a standard “hitachi compatible” controller, and/or well-documented pin-outs or existing instructions on how to hook it up, and they’re probably all about the same.

While “basic stamps” are in some sense “the enemy” of us Arduino folk, don’t overlook “accessories” aimed at connecting to the BS; they can be easily connected to an Arduino as well.

There used to be a guy selling serially controlled LCD’s on ebay i think the price was somwhere in the 12$ - 15$ area.

Though probably not ‘ideal’, I use one of the 16x2 blue LCDs and Moderndevice.com’s LCD117 controller board.

It supports both 16x2 and 20x4.
I recommend “16 x 2 Blue LCD with LCD117 kit” for $20.50, which means you solder the controller board yourself.
Its as easy to use as a ‘printf’ or ‘cout’ command in C/C++
serial.Print(“Hello World!”); is enough code to make it work, except for a few minor setup lines.

I’ve used the one from web4robot. You can purchase it directly or through ebay. There is a library for it here: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/LCDi2c and a discussion thread here: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1236204212

Very easy to use, and supports both serial and I2C, and you can do bar graphs.

But I do need that basic stamp serial thingy?

Thinking about that blue web4robot lcd.

The LCD from web4robot comes with the serial adapter attached already. Here is a picture of the one I have: H I F I D U I N O: Got the 4x20 LCE with the serial interface.