easiest way - NG atmega8 with no startup delay

what is the easiest/best way to upgrade bootloader on an NG with atmega8 to avod start-up delay? i did it with atmega168 versions very easily flashing Diecimila bootloader straight from IDE, but that doesn't work with atmega8.

i looked into adaboot and others but got lost in all the code revisions trying to figure out what i would need to change to make them work with atmega8's.

if using adaboot, would prefer to modify improved version here http://www.1strecon.org/TheShoppe/freeduino/ADABOOT.shtml

rather than original version here http://www.ladyada.net/library/arduino/bootloader.html

but not sure if it will be more work adapting the former. the latter seems to say it's compatible with atmega8, but not sure what exactly i need to change to make it work.

i have an AVRISPmkII and Arduino0016 IDE so it would be easiest to just use Burn Bootloader command, but will use command line avrdude if necessary....