Easiest way to push incoming serial data from XBee to internet?


I have a project where I have created a mesh network of temperature sensors using XBee's. I have multiple "end device" units consisting of an Arduino Pro Mini, a few temperature sensors, and XBee Series 2 in End Device AT Mode. So far, I have successfully managed to Serial print the temperature data from the "node" Arduino to the End Device XBee, where it is then sent via the radio to a coordinator unit (XBee Coordinator AT and an Arduino). The data is then aggregated as it comes in and logged with a microSD breakout. Here is a picture of the setup: The "end device" units have the batteries attached to them at the top, and the XBee with the green "C" on it is the "coordinator" unit.

Now that is all dandy that it is being logged in place at the coordinator, but I would like to also push the incoming data (which comes in via Serial) to the Internet, so I can monitor the end device units in real time.

What's the easiest way to do this? I have an electric Imp, XBee WiFi (S6B) unit, and an ESP8266 at my disposal right now, and have the budget to order anything else if needed. I also have an Arduino Mega, in case I need multiple serial TX/RX's. I've tried the Sparkfun "Internet Datalogging with XBee Wifi and Arduino" tutorial, but that doesn't really suit what I want - I want my incoming Serial data to the coordinator XBee to be pushed to the internet, not a standalone Wifi unit.

Sorry if I explained this poorly, just looking for some guidance.

Have you consider to read the serial data using a computer or Raspberry Pi to manipulate and send it to the Internet? That will give you much more flexibility.

I've posted a few options here https://talk2.wisen.com.au/2015/12/15/connecting-to-the-internet/. Other option is to send the data using GET or POST directly to a destination on the Internet if you have a node able to do that (WiFi or Ethernet shield). The receiving page on the internet would need to interpret the request and store it in a DB.

The data is then aggregated as it comes in and logged with a microSD breakout.

Ii is pretty hard to understand what you are doing, and even less what the problem is, but if you are doing the above, the same data can be posted to the internet via whatever means suits, to an Internet of Things facility like Xively or ThingsSpeak.

I am also stuck in my project with Xbee 802.15 network
To start i have 1 arduino mega which has xbee s2c + xbee shield + ethernet w5500 module..
On the other side i have an arduino nano + xbee shield + xbee s2c

The arduino Nano can read and send data via serial(xbee)

The Arduino Mega which has an Web page in the code also is sending the data when i press a button in the page, arduino nano can read it and execute the command, after arduino nano sends a message via serial also, but the arduino mega is not reading it... I think the code for the page is blocking the serial data (xbee) coming from the arduino nano.

We have different projects but i think we have the same issue, you are using ESP 8266 and i am using W5500 ethernet module