Easiest way to send email/text with Arduino

So here is my dilemma, I’m making a controller for home HVAC and I want to make a few of them to install in people’s homes. I’m using an arduino mega, and a LCD display with a keypad. It going to monitor the home temp and control the AC units as well. What I’m trying to do is if there is an alarm in the unit I’d like it to notify the homeowner via text, email or voicemail. Whatever is easier. Now I do have a ESP8266 to have wifi capability( which I just bought and am trying to figure it out :wink: ). I also would like for the homeowner to be able to enter the email/ telephone number through the LCD keypad without any other programming. Like if they bought it in the store and installed it the had like a quick setup guide.So my question is what do you guys think would be the easiest/best way to accomplish this. I’m also open to adding additional hardware if needed. Thanks

Here is a video I found with a quick Google search for ESP8266 SMS:

It points to this forum post containing the sketch and discussion:

It uses an SMTP server that allows username/password authentication to send email to the email address of a Verizon cellphone. To do that it needs the name of the SMTP server, a username and password for the SMTP server, the email address to send from, and the email addresses to send to. This should work on any Internet connection (ESP8266, WiFi Shield, Ethernet Shield…).

#define server      ""    //ex. for smtp.comcast.net
if (wifi.ipConfig(TCP, server, 587)){
HELO comcast.net\r\n
Base64 Username\r\n
Base64 Password\r\n
HELO comcast.net\r\n"
MAIL FROM: youremail@comcast.net\r\n
RCPT TO: youremail@comcast.net\r\n
RCPT TO: yourPhoneNumber@vtext.com\r\n
From: Home Alarm <yourEmail@comcast.net>\r\n
To: yourEmail@comcast.net\r\n
Subject: ALARM ALERT!\r\n