Easily write apps in Android to communicate with your Arduino!

I have to say that I am totally in love with Basic4android so I hope its ok that I tell you all about it... again :slight_smile:

You can knock up an app from scratch in about a minute! The super quick way to knock-up a test app! | B4X Programming Forum

Totally from scratch without having to load up anything you've saved previously etc.

You can sell your apps on the Google Play Store and on Amazon!

B4a has ways to communicate with the Arduino via Bluetooth and via the USB cable etc. Fantastic!

The forum on the B4a website is full of friendly people ready and willing to help and guide you, like me :slight_smile:

I have written an app that communicates with the Arduino via Bluetooth but its not very good at the moment, i'm busy writing the next version which is much better.

See my forum post on how to save more than 50% on your purchase of B4a !!!


I get between 14 and 20 dollars for everyone who uses my discount code which I will put to use for fuel (food) and beer :slight_smile: to allow me to continue writing my app for the Arduino (and others)

Let's face it, who doesn't totally LOVE the Arduino ?

I thank you.