Easy and cheap wireless controlling ways for a robot car

Well, i want to control my robot using a cheap and easy wireless way and other than IR..Sadly Xbee isn't available in my country and i can't buy from internet (no shipping to my country)..But if bluetooth or any others that needs to create programs then i need to know if there is an easy-to-learn language to create the controlling program.

must be hard to get any parts if you cannot import anything.

if you cannot buy a ready to go module, you will need to make one.

scroll down to the rf section and see what others use. then find what parts you can get,


How much control do you need?

These give you 4 buttons and don't need any special programming at all: you just hook those pins to 4x Arduino pins and read them as usual.

You have to buy from local suppliers/stores? What do they have? Can you buy from distributor and avoid the store price markup?

Here you can get very cheap radio modules, send and receive pairs. There is VirtualWire library for them. It's just fast long/short blips, the baud rates are pretty low.

If you can get a bluetooth module working, that's good within sight 100m and 38400 baud. The module handles the bluetooth part. The Arduino sees a serial modem, that's what you code for. They can be programmed and questioned using modem AT codes.

If you can get a bluetooth module to connect to your Arduino you could make a control system using a smart phone. Have a look at this RemoteXY thread.


@Robin and @dave i will check the links. @Jimbo sadly i couldn't buy from adafruit @goforsmoke i have to buy from a local shop..here is the link of the shop ram-e-shop.com they have a BT serial module but the price is not bad..but the Wi-Fi shield is very high in the price

Edit: @Robin after i checked the link..this system is really awesome.. I have this module in the shop http://mobile.ram-e-shop.com/cat/mobile/product_info.php/products_id/2244 Well..in the project name it also gives me the type of the module connected to the arduino..so which one i use?

You mean the XBee? Look at the range, power and networking. Yes, much more!

BT is short range wifi. It's cheap too. There's a thread going where you control arduino through your phone using BT, you might look for it.

To reiterate Jimbo's question, how much control do you need? If you just need a few things, then hack open a remote control car and you will have at least 4 controls, left, right, forward, reverse.


If you need more control, this seems good. You can get two. One as master and the other as slave.

Yes, as GoForSmoke stated, xbee modules can usually go further in distance. Ones I have go 18 miles, or 28 km, with proper antenna.

nexusrex: @Jimbo sadly i couldn't buy from adafruit

Search, they're available elsewhere. I don't think adafruit actually makes those.

Well, about the xbee..it's.rarely available and it's high priced..And about the BT module (that i will use)..Why i get two when i have a smartphone with a customizable program that i could use to control the robot. I will need 7 buttons..Forward,Backward,Spin to right,Spin to right (something like a joystick)..two modes switch (BT and self controlled) and a button for switching LEDs on/off (all this @liudr)

Yes, one module with a smartphone is enough. If you want to control the robot with another arduino, you need a second module.

Well did some tried RemoteXY? Or even knows a demonstration video of it? Because i have some problems in it..

I have this module in the shop http://mobile.ram-e-shop.com/cat/mobile/product_info.php/products_id/2244

That Bluetooth device should be fine. Just be careful if it only works with 3.3v not to connect it directly to an Arduino 5v output pin. Arduinos will read 3.3v on an input pin.

What problems are you having with RemoteXY - I have only tried a very simple example.


The problem that i am having..In the GUI creating..There is the project name..So it was asking..Am i using the shield with library or module with library or shield only or module only..Which one i select?

Based on where he seems to be located (Cairo, Egypt) - most likely there are several import restrictions due to recent events.

That said, nexusrex, you might try to see if that place can source you some ESP8266 boards:

http://www.esp8266.com/ (community forum for the boards)

These are small and low cost ($3.00 USD - or about 23 L.E.) 802.11 wifi serial boards that you can use to easily communicate with a microcontroller (Arduino or whatnot) over standard wifi, at a distance. The processors on these boards are powerful enough to be used as-is, without needed an intermediate microcontroller (but that is an advanced topic). The ESP8266 should be easily available to that shop, given all the other stuff they are importing. Tell them their customer base would likely purchase them and that they would be a good addition to their current inventory (which isn't too bad, from what I can see).

Note, though - that the ESP8266 is still a very much "hacker toy" - but the support and knowledge about it is very high, and growing daily. Also - it is a 3 volt part - as such, you will need level shifters and a proper 3 volt power supply to use it without burning it up (and for communication with the Arduino). That, or you will need to use an Arduino set up for 3.3 volt operation (at 8 MHz).

As far as coding is concerned - if you want a GUI, you might look into using Processing to make that; but there are tons of options available. For communications, Firmata might be a good choice. Ultimately, you will likely not find anything "pre-written" for your needs, short of the various examples and such that people have posted (but nothing will meet your needs exactly, most likely). You are going to have to do some work on all of this. This isn't going to be a simple plug-n-pray exercise.

Well, thanks..First..I will try the bluetooth..Then if i didn't know how to work with bluetooth then i could see the ESP8266 :)

nexusrex: The problem that i am having..In the GUI creating..There is the project name..So it was asking..Am i using the shield with library or module with library or shield only or module only..Which one i select?

There are 4 options SoftwareSerial with or without a library Serial with or without a library.

The library versions are for when you have downloaded and installed his library The non-library versions give you 3 pieces of code - the .ino file, a .h file and a .cpp file. You download all three and place them in three tabs in the Arduino IDE (or in 3 files in the same directory if you are not using the IDE).

The overall functionality is identical, whichever you choose.

Personally I have used the non-library version because that made it easy to change from Serial to Serial2 on my Mega.


Umm..ok, but what is the diffrence between software serial and serial? Also after i have tried the online editor, i have found it good. Well, after i finish exams i think that i have to learn about some things in coding (must i make everything in one tab? I mean the obstacle avoiding code, the mode switch code, the BT controlled code)

The Uno has a single hardware serial connection on pins 0 and 1 but that is also what you use to talk to the PC and the Serial Monitor.

SoftwareSerial is a library that can give you another serial connection on another pair of I/O pins. RTFM