easy and fast turnaround PCBs

Hi all,

I've used the Fritzing fab in the past to get PCBs for my arduino projects. The quality is awesome and the software super easy to use. The only issue is turnaround time... it took 4 weeks last time. Does anyone have a recommendation on an equally easy to use software with a fab that can have faster turnaround?



Can you export gerbers with that?

If you can, then you're good to go - everyone takes gerbers, and with gerbers you can check them in a gerber viewer to make sure they look right.

I design in Eagle, but it's not cheap if you want to be able to sell parts made with it (legally), and it's got a real learning curve.

DirtyPCB's has 3-8 week turn if you do the free shipping, and ~2-2.5 if you use DHL china, and OSHPark is around 2 weeks (slower fab, but shipping is faster). Those are the ones I've worked with - DirtyPCB's is insanely cheap ($14 for 10 copies of a 2x2" board, $25 for 10 copies of 4x4 - dual layer, with top/bottom silk)