Easy memory game

Dear Users,

I am currently ready to code a game, and am looking for help on how to go around it and what coding to use.

The game consists in a version of snap for arduino.

So you get 6 cards displayed on a 5 inch 800x480p screen and when you touch them they turn around and there is a color on them then they flip back to their original state and the objective of the game is to match the two cards with the same color.

Then further i am looking to implement code transfer via Bluetooth if possible.


Suraj Ramchand

Do you have any programming experience and is it with Arduino or similar?

Do you have a screen in mind? If so, provide a link to any documentation.

There is a Sainsmart screen and shield that matches your specs. You should have a look at the code examples provided there to see if you think you can get what you want to done. I haven't used a large screen with Arduino, so can't say whether it is good or not, but the code should give you an idea of what you're up against.

If this is your first project, you have picked something that is not quite what the majority of people would do with their Arduinos (in my opinion anyway). You will have to put a bit of effort in yourself to get started and ask some more specific questions to have a better chance of getting assistance.

Any reason you want to transfer code via Bluetooth?