Easy Peasy RGB LEDs - the holy grail!

I am not the expert but ..

I would imagine the first question will be:

Are you cutting it and using the new piece stand alone?

I would imagine the answer will be: If you are using the new strip stand alone .. then I would say that the first LED will be 0 again. However if you are daisy chaining it .. then it would be the next one.. even if wires added.

yes using the new strand as stand alone.

Someone else with actual experience may chime in but … I would assume LED0 and go from there. These are daisy chained so the new first one is really first.

What are the electronics inside each led? How do led's know which is which, do you have to programm them individualy?

Regards, Peter

I did not have to program them, they just worked, im guessing that if an LED receives "first" command then it uses it, and commands for higher numbers are passed through, translated so next LED thinks it is "first" and so on.

If you get normal shift registers and daisy chain them ... they work serially naturally. These being SPI work the same way. They do not have individual IDs - they just connect as one big string if bits. So if you stop and start again .. you start with a new stream of bits. That is how I understand it.

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Yes, you are right there. The controllers are just shift registers, but there is a special sequence (32 zero bits) at the start of data that tells the LED to load the next 16 bits of incoming data, then once it has done that it just shifts all incoming data on to the next LED and it does the same, and so forth down the chain. The LEDs don't have an assigned number as such, it is purely determined by the position in the chain.

If you break the chain then the first LED just becomes LED number 0.



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I'm impressed! I want to make a coffee table (have for years) and just the RGB LEDs are almost as much as what you want for one unit plus you saved me a lot of engineering time.

My only question is - is it easy to change the cable out? Lets say I wanted something longer than 3", can I change out the wire without troubles?

And just to confirm every model is fully addressable?

By chance do you know the lead time to the US? Would it be quicker to get citizenship to AU then buy them? hehe

I ordered some of these a few days ago and have asked similar questions via e-mail. Ben will reply when available .. but for now here are some details I have from e-mail(s).

First .. Ben is very responsive and it was sent to shipping quickly on their side. I'll let you know how long it takes form me to get it here in Florida .. may give you a rough idea .. but it says 4 to 10 business days (better than from China on e-bay usually).

Yes - Every module is fully addressable (can be controlled individually).

If you are looking for something like 6 inch instead of 3 inch spacing .. the Domes ".. .can be strung approx 17cm apart" per an e-mail. So that may fit the bill as is (and water proof).

When I get my order .. I'll post a full independent review (not affiliated with Bliptronics).

Good luck with your coffee table :)

Ordered a couple of demo lengths! That's flat mates birthday present sorted. ;D

Rogue__Hero: These are ideal for a coffee table. In fact the hardest job is now fabricating the table!

I'd suggest the square modules as they are very bright. The table would work well even in bright ambient light. You could easily use each one to illuminate a "cell" on the table up to 5" square.

In my example video I've used the smallest LEDs and they illuminate a cell of 2.5" with ease, but in sunlight it gets washed out somewhat.

Hi All I purchased a range selection of these LEDs from Blip last week to test as potential 'runway' lights for the driveway at night.

I live in New Zealand (which is not part of Australia), and the goods arrived in only 3 days. Thanks Blip!

My first test was a string of 5 x 5V 8mm LEDs, these worked straight away using the example code provided by Ben. They are nice and bright too.

I then tried to test a string of 12V square lights. Powered them up with a 12VDC powerpack (and they all came on), but was unable to control them using the 5V digital outputs from my Arduino. The LEDs do not change at all. Was I wrong in hoping that the clock/data lines on the 12V LED devices could be controlled by the standard 5V Arduino output?

Another question - is it OK to increase the length of the cable run between each light, or is the circuit 'tuned' according to the cable length? (I'm assuming not, but am constantly proven that making ill-informed assumptions come back to bite!)

Thanks for your help. I'm a bit of noobie, so apologies for the rudimentary questions!

And great product by the way Blip. Cheers.

The LEDs do not change at all. Was I wrong in hoping that the clock/data lines on the 12V LED devices could be controlled by the standard 5V Arduino output?

You need a transistor or mosfet for each line, or get a level translator that can handle 5 - 12 volts (4054b?).

I mentioned in an earlier post that I ordered some of these to check out and they came in yesterday.

Summary: Shipping time was on the good side and the products are great. I only ran through the pixel and dome lights, so that is all I'll post on now.

Blip: Ben at the site is very responsive .. with good information :)

Shipping: They were shipped quickly and once out, made it to Florida, USA in a week, (I was happy with that shipping time, I order from China alot).

LED Pixels: Was able to pretty much plug and play the 5v 8mm and 20mm pixels using the code in the sites project pages. The mechanism is the same to run both lights, minus the RGB order which is easy to abstract. The application logic is simple and easy to use. Was able to update the application very quickly to do other stuff like fade up colors and cycle a rainbow across the strip. Adding this into my existing apps should be a snap (just update where the rgb writes to .. update happens as usual in the background).

LED Dome: The 12v, 50mm domes are really nice looking and setup in a snap with a 12v power source. Was able to control them with the arduino pins no problem.

Diffusion: The diffusion on the 8mm LED pixels and the dome are perfect. I'll have to play with the 20mm's more to give a final on those.

The 5mm diffused RGBs from e-bay still needed further diffusion to actually work - these do not. This is major for me, so I figured I pass that along.

When I get the strip and other stuff working, I'll post more along with videos, etc. Just wanted to post details from last night before my day starts.

Aphabet: (sorry for the wait delay my reply!)

The 12v modules can be controlled from your 5V Arduino, no problems. Make sure you use the same wiring as the smal modules, ie blue=GND, Red=12V from power supply, yellow=data, green=clock. Connect the GND from your 12V to the GND on the arduino.

I have some different 12V modules coming soon, too. They are similar to the 50mm domes, but are square shaped. I'll post a pic when they arrive.

For those using the strips, I've amost comompleted an Arduino library to simplify the task and demonstrate the required sequences. I've post it here in the next 12hrs.

Blip, Any update on the audio frequency analyser? I'm excited for that one! If you get them in when you get more 8mm leds (I'm Bryan V with the backorder) let me know and I may have you ship me one of those too in the same order.

To all others: I have placed an order with Bliptronics and have received the best customer service imaginable! I have no worries about futures orders with Bliptronics.